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Daily we receive calls from Homeowners who need a roof leak repaired. We hear stories of how their roofer, won’t come back, or they can’t find them  and even the largest most well known local company, either won’t or can’t fix a leak in their installed roof.

Roofs are NOT Created EQUAL !

A Roof is typically one of homeowners largest investments AND it protects MOST of the personal and priced possessions in the home… AND also protects your loved ones from the weather.

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Other Roofers … Do Not Want Your to KNOW … What I am about to Tell you when we meet. But I have over 35 years of Roofing and Construction Experience on Small and Large Projects.

I have been an Advisor to the USAF for 3 YEARS in AFGHANISTAN and a Quality Control Engineer. I have been an Office Engineer in the Building of DOWNTOWN Houston’s first light rail system. AND MORE.

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I’m … Shingle Guy

and … I’m “Watching my BACK” as other roofers

don’t want you to know what I am about to tell you.

 I am going to educate homeowners and commercial property owners about the …

Good – Bad and Ugly of Roofing

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I’m going to be meeting with you and telling you about

  • What You Should LOOK for in Roofing
  • The latest in Roofing Shingles and Other Materials used on YOUR ROOF
  • How and Why … ALL ROOFS are NOT Created EQUAL
  • BAD Roof Practices versus GOOD Roof Practices
  • Why Some Roofing Companies in Texas are DANGEROUS
  • HOW to get the MOST VALUE at the MOST Reasonable COST
  • WHY Cutting CORNERS NOW… will ADD Expense Later
  • Together WE will discuss and arrive at the BEST Shingle for Your ROOF with the BEST Warranty Period and the BEST Financing to fit YOUR NEEDS
  • A FREE Estimate…AND… FREE Information …
  • I will Explain… OUR “PEACE OF MIND” Roofing Package where we “TAKE THE WORRY out of ROOFING”
  • I will Explain…  OUR “PEACE OF MIND” Roofing Package and HOW YOU will receive $7,800 worth of FREE – Features and Benefits with Each Peace of Mind Roof.
  • I will GIVE YOU CHOICES… CHOICES of Shingles … CHOICES of Materials … CHOICES of Financing …. everything YOU Need to FIT YOUR NEEDS.

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    • “ALL ROOFS are NOT created EQUAL”
    • Crazy “Cost Cutting – Shingle Installation”

    Believe it or Not… This shingle roof installation “Looked GREAT” after the roofer was finished and collected his final payment. The problem was compounded when there was a “HIGH WIND EVENT” and the shingles (nailed incorrectly) became “LOOSE” and dislodged from their original placement.

The Different from a

Professional Roofing Company vs CHUCK in a Truck

Professional – Factory Certified

  • Can educate you in the most current materials and methods.
  • Factory has invited the roofer to apply and investigates the roofer for skill, time in business, insurance and other requirements. Must go through training.
  • Has longevity, has an office with overhead and insurance. Easy to contact. Is located in your community.
  • Can offer Financing and Long Term Factory Warranties.

Chuck in a Truck – Roofer

  • Typically only knows 2 types of Shingles. (3-tab and Dimensional/Laminated)
  • The individual Chuck in a Truck, has no direct relationship with the Factory. No Support or Backup. Cannot offer Long Term Factory Warranties.
  • Works out of his home. Has no office or insurance. Often you cannot find or contact him after the work is finished.
  • Doesn’t have the ability to finance. You have to pay cash. No ability to offer long term factory warranties.

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I was driving in Houston close to the medical center when I saw this roof. The house is at least $500,000. The shingles are mildewed and therefore are dirty and showing their age to be most likely over 12 years old.

But LOOK at the RIDGE cap PART of…The ROOF. It’s Shinny WHITE / SILVER.

The roofer that installed this roof, installed 3 -tab shingles (of the same color as the Laminated / Dimensional Shingle) but the 3-tab shingles are NOT MADE to be BENT OVER THE HIP section of the roof. These 3-tab shingles are going through accelerated decomposing and breaking down. They have lost their colored granules, the asphalt has been bleached out of the shingle by the Sun’s UV rays.

NOW the white/silver FIBER-GLASS CLOTH is Exposed.

The roof when installation was complete, looked wonderful. But the roofer “Cut CORNERS” and used 3-tab shingles ($27-$28) per package instead of the HIP CAP shingles ($45 per package). Obviously the roofer is long gone… but …


and effects the functionality of the roof.

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